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Core Values

Get to know what we hold  as our core values. 

•   As a participating member of the Southern Baptist Convention, we adhere to the doctrinal confession of our denomination as expressed in the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message.  Please click here to view the BFM 2000.

This affirms our commitment to providing challenging worship experiences that reflect our desire for our members to grow in their love for God, to become more and more like Christ in attitudes and actions, and to share their faith with people in their sphere of influence.

•    The Bible governs the actions of our church and measures the results of its actions.

This value reflects our view of the Word of God. The Bible shows us how we are to live personally and corporately. We acknowledge that the Bible is the authority and that all things will be viewed through the lens of scripture.

•    The evangelistic efforts of our church are advanced in surrounding communities and around the world by the discipleship of our members.

We take seriously Jesus’ commands to take the gospel into the entire world. We have a responsibility for our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the world. We also take discipleship of our members seriously. As we encourage and equip our members to make Christ the Lord of their life they will see the world as Christ sees it. This will be the catalyst for involvement in expanding the Kingdom.

•    We recognize faithful stewardship and financial accountability as catalysts for impacting the world for Jesus Christ.

The ultimate goal for our church is to impact the world for Christ. This requires the financial resources to make this happen. We teach biblical stewardship as the means through which the church will finance its efforts. Cheerful and generous financial stewardship deserves financial accountability. Members need to know that moneys are handled properly and used strategically.

•    As a family-centered church, we focus on strengthening today’s families, thereby strengthening our community.

We believe that family is a very strong and basic biblical institution. The family is the ordained institution for developing spiritual growth and maturity. The church is privileged to come along side families to support them. We provide ministries for people of all ages and families of all kinds—single-parent, blended, etc.

•    We believe that being socially responsible requires us to be socially responsive.

Churches basically choose to insulate themselves from their community/world or to build bridges into the community/world over which they will carry the Gospel. Our church has chosen to be bridge builders. Our attempts to meet people’s needs are expressions of our desire to meet people’s spiritual needs. God has placed us in our community to minister to those who are in our sphere of influence. We desire to be a Matthew 25 church.