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Strategic Intents

The strategic intents listed below influence our church’s priorities, organization, calendar, budget, facilities, and actions. They are the directional expressions of our vision, mission, and core values.

•    Utilize the Sunday School as the evangelistic arm of the church
•    Provide celebrative worship experiences for exhortation, instruction, fellowship, and praise.
•    Disciple and mature Christians for fruitful service that they will grow in the image of Christ.
•    Provide new Christian/new church member orientation and introduce them to the basic disciplines of spiritual growth and assimilate them into the life of the church.
•    Provide avenues of ministry to meet the needs of people.
•    Utilize special events to share the Gospel.
•    Utilize available media to share the Gospel.
•    Provide stewardship training.
•    Utilize and ensure the faithful stewardship of resources.