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Our Staff

Ministerial Staff

Dr. Steve Andrews

Senior Pastor

Rev. Michael McVay

Minister of Education and Administration

Rev. Mike Byars

Minister of Senior Adults and Pastoral Care

Amber Bennefield

Minister to Pre-School and Children

Daniel Yates

Minister of Music

John William Baker

Minister to Students

Support Staff

David Allen

Assistant Director of Audio/Visual Ministries

Anne Belue

Business Manager

Ruth Botwin

Pre-School/Children's Ministry Assistant

Debbie Wilson

Financial Assistant and Church Hostess

Janet Hester

Music Ministry Assistant

Cheryl Kilpatrick

Assistant to the Senior Pastor and
 Minister of Education

Dorie Greene

Receptionist | Youth and Senior Adults Ministry Assistant 

Vickie Becton

Mother's Day Out Director

Roxann Edsell

Kindergarten (AWEE) Director

Michelle Weaver

Benevolence and Food Ministry Assistant

Scott Weaver

Assistant Director of Audio/Visual Ministries